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The EU Pollinator Hub is a new milestone in efforts to improve the pollinator status, beekeeping and pollination in Europe. An online collective approach sharing harmonised and standardised data on pollinators to monitor their health and target actions to protect them better.

Latest Datasets


24 April 2024
DEPAB2 : Pollen, pesticides and landscape Honey bees pollen samples from Belgium, their species composition identified with classical microscopy, their pesticides content and the landscape around the apiaries in which they have been collected. Data from a project called DEPAB2 in Belgium. Dataset related to the following paper :
Simon-Delso, N., San Martin, G., Bruneau, E., Delcourt, C., Hautier, L., 2017. The challenges of predicting pesticide exposure of honey bees at landscape level. Scientific Reports 7, 3801. doi:10.1038/s41598-017-03467-5


14 March 2024
The FAOSTAT Land Use domain contains data on forty-four categories of land use, irrigation and agricultural practices and five indicators relevant to monitor agriculture, forestry and fisheries activities at national, regional and global level. Data are available by country and year, with global coverage and annual updates.


9 March 2024
The FAOSTAT domain Land Cover under the Agri-Environmental Indicators section contains land cover information organized by the land cover classes of the international standard system for Environmental and Economic Accounting Central Framework (SEEA CF). The land cover information is compiled from publicly available Global Land Cover (GLC) maps: a) MODIS land cover types based on the Land Cover Classification System, LCCS (2001–2021); b) The European Spatial Agency (ESA) Climate Change Initiative (CCI) annual land cover maps (1992–2020) produced by the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)-Geomatics and now under the European Copernicus Program; c) The annual land cover maps which were...


18 December 2023
Michael Rubinigg
This dataset contains data on regular assessemnts of colony development in colonies exposed to different levels of Clothinanidin as a consequence of corn production.

Hive scales Austria

17 December 2023
Michael Rubinigg
The dataset contains data from hive scales (hive weight, temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction) from various apiaries in Austria.